CMSC Photo Upload Help

So You Want To Upload Some Images.... 

You have that fantastic photo that will blow everyone away. A cool landscape. A snapshot. Some image you want to share. Basically anything at all. But how to do it? Well, if it's related to a CMSC event, trip or happening, you can upload them here. All you have to do is register using the Register link located in the upper left corner of most gallery pages. We need to approve all new registrations - this keeps out the spammers, but this process takes under a day.  After you have registered, you can start uploading images.

Some specs: Your images should be under 500K - otherwise they will take forever to upload and view.  Most digital cameras take photos that are far larger than that - some as large as 8 or 10 meg. The maximum size you can upload is 2 meg - if you try and upload anything larger you won't get anywhere. You can resize your photos in Photoshop or most any graphics editing software. Some cameras also allow you to resize a photo in the camera. The point is that you want to upload an image is a good balance between size and quality.

Each registered member has 98 megabytes of space for image storage.  If you resize your images that's enough space for around 400 photos. If you don't resize you'll only fot 40 or so images.

Before you upload....

You'll need to create at least one album. Albums are where your photos are stored. To make things easy to find, you should create one album per trip or event.  This way you can put the photos in the appropriate areas.

To create an album use the "My Gallery" button then the "Create / order my albums" button.

On to the upload....

1) Login using the Login link on the upper left corner of the gallery page.
2) After you log in, you'll see that the menu area where you logged in has changed. You now have an "Upload File" button and "Login" has changed to "logout." Click on "Upload File."
3) You'll see a file browser that allows you to select four files at a time. Just click the "Browse" button to find your photos.
4) Press the "Continue" button.
5) You'll see a "Successful Uploads" screen - click "Continue."
6) Select the albums to place the images in, and optionally enter the image title, description and keywords (this assumes that you created at least one album earlier.)
7) Press "Continue" and you're done!